sensual and dominating


Time is one thing a person can never get back, hence I want to be sure our time together is special by our unique chemistry and not rushed or feeling mechanical.  I want us both feeling pampered and happy when our short time together is complete.



24 hrs minimum notice is preferred. I cannot accept same day bookings unless I am hosting at my midtown or airport locations for the day. Schedule is updated daily.

Confirmation of your appointment must be made at least 24hrs prior to the booking.  Booked appts are prioritized but not guaranteed if the confirmation has not been made.

For advanced bookings, non-refundable etransfer deposit of $40 is also a requirement the day before the appointment to solidify the booking.


Cancellation policy: 

I understand things can happen in life that we cannot predict, but this does not mean we still cannot be respectful of each others time. Notice of cancellation is required 24 hours prior to the appointed time. If fees have been paid in advance and cancellation is less than 24 hours in advance, a credit will not be issued.

If you can reschedule our appointment instead of cancelling this fee can be applied to our newly booked date. Must be clarified, not assumed, on the day you cancel and be done only once per booking.

If honouring the conditions of this policy are not met, this will result in my being unable to accept future engagements with you.



Communication is key but so is being kind and considerate.  If there is something you prefer or if there are limits to what you would like please do not hesitate to let me know.  Let's make every encounter enjoyable!